I was born in Great Falls, Montana on June 2, 2002.  I am a Brittany.  My mom found me
by answering an ad in a Great Falls newspaper.  She was looking for a new companion as she
had just lost her last dog of 10 years.  She decided to name me Alaska's Morning Dawn.  
Up until then I was called "Sunny."  When I turned 8 weeks old, I took an airplane ride to
Juneau, Alaska.  The plane ride scared me a little, but I was reassured by my new mom.  I
immediately showed my hunting instincts to my mom when she stopped to let me go to the
bathroom.  I started pointing at something in the tall grass.

I get to go everywhere in my car (a red Dodge Durango).  I have been kennel trained and
stay in my kennel while my mom is at work.  Then I get to go play at breaks and at lunch.  
My mom really watches the weather to make sure that I don't get too hot.  I do get to
stay at home with my  Grandma at times.  I enjoy spending time with her.  She spoils me!

I have been through basic obedience training and some advanced training.  My mom says
that I need to work a little harder on listening, so we will be going through a refresher
course.  After injuring my right hind leg this summer, I have been restricted to being on a
leash, so I have had to work on my obedience.  My leg is getting better, so I will be doing
more exercise to increase my strength and mobility.

I love to say hello to people and have not really met anyone that I don't like.  I like to
greet the tourists in the summer who come to Juneau, Alaska on cruise ships.  I have
included a page that shows a few of my friends.  I have been named the Juneau Rowing Club
mascot and am at most of the board meetings.  See the picture of me with my head through
the railing at Aurora Harbor (below).

My favorite thing is to go swimming at the Douglas Boat Harbor or swim from Sandy
Beach.  I will be doing more swimming in the near future as this will be an excellent
exercise for my leg.  I love to go hiking, but when I am loose I get on a track and my mom
doesn't know where I end up.  So I don't get to do that much anymore.  The last time I
was gone for about 15 minutes before I found my mom again.  

I have learned that I need to stay away from porcupines.  I ended up having to have
surgery to remove a spine.  I also had to have a paw stitched up when I cut it on glass
while swimming in Crystal Lake.  I learned how to wear booties to protect the bandages.  I
have recently injured my right hind leg.  I tore my ACL and my medial meniscus and had to
have surgery to replace the ligaments.  I am slowly recovering.  I think that I can do
more, but my mom and grandma see that I don't overdo.

In August 2007, my mom, grandma and I took a road trip going to the following places:  
Skagway, Watson Lake, Prince George, Seattle, Port Townsend, Omak, Newport, West
Yellowstone, White Sulphur Springs, Missoula, Kalispell, Ronan, Hot Springs, Perma, Plains,
Penticton, Summerland, Chetwynd, Liard Hot Springs, and many more that I can't
remember.  We traveled over 5,800 miles and saw lots of wildlife along the way.
November 2008
I encountered a porcupine
in the trees behind my
home.  I was not a happy
camper.  My mom pulled
approximately 40 quills
out of my left leg.
Latest News
JRC mascot
Alaska's Morning Dawn
The Life Story of Alaska's Morning Dawn
Alaska's Morning Dawn at 8
weeks old.  This picture was
taken the day after I arrived in
Juneau, Alaska.
March 2009
Mom says that I need
more exercise and to go
on a diet.  I really am
hoping that spring hurries
up and gets here.  
December 2009
Well, mom has come to
the conclusion that I am
getting older and can't run
and play like I used to.  My
heart is in it, however my
body isn't quite up to it.
August 30, 2014
Today, I said goodbye to the best
friend and companion that I could
ever have had, Alaska’s Morning
Dawn. She was my companion
for the last 12 years and was
there for me when I needed a
shoulder to cry on, making me
laugh because of something silly
she was doing, and just being
there through the difficult times. I
will greatly miss her but I know in
my heart that it was the right time
to say goodbye. She is no longer
struggling to breathe nor having
difficulties in just standing or
walking. I will never forget her.
RIP sweet girl.